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The Millennium Collection: Pioneers and Peacekeepers

Humanitarians and Peacekeepers

A tireless promoter of equality, peace with justice, and security through cooperation, Montreal-born lawyer Raoul Dandurand spent 44 year a a senator and was named president of the Assembly of the League of Nations.

The wife of future Governor General Georges Vanier, Pauline Vanier served as a Red Cross volunteer in Paris during and after the Second World War. Elizabeth Smellie, the First female colonel in the Canadian Army, headed nursing services at home and abroad during both World Wars and organized the Canadian Women's Army Corps.

Lester B. Pearson's involvement in the creation of an international force to maintain peace in the Middle East during the Suez Crisis earned him a Nobel Peace Prize and highlighted Canada's role as a global peacekeeper.

Canada has played an integral role in banning antipersonnel land mines, which claim an average of 500 victims a week. In 1997, 122 countries signed the historic Ottawa Convention prohibiting the use of these devices and calling for their destruction.

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